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French and European Leader in natural slimming method

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What is the " Plastitérapie " ?

Between 1987 and 1992, Christian Dormigny, a doctor specialized in neurophysiology, designed the method.


A French innovative technique developed after more than twenty years of research. Plastitherapy offers a 100% natural weight loss method, adapted to a wide range of profiles.

Without products or apparatus, it’s a manual slimming technique that stimulates specific body parts.

This technical application was named plastitherapy from the Greek plassein that means shaping, forming or molding.

This technique can only be practiced in approved THERAFORM therapeutic centers by specifically trained plastic therapists, the plastitherapists.

How does it work?



Thanks to a personalized regular follow-up with a qualified plastitherapist and to the Theraform protocol, you’ll achieve results.

We stimulate specific body parts manually and provide you with a balanced meal plan. By combining these methods, you’ll be able to regain a shaped body.

The objective of "Plastithérapie "

Plastitherapy main goal is to LOSE WEIGHT NATURALLY.

Other objectives include:

• Avoiding feelings of hunger or fatigue and stop your addiction to food


• Learning how to reorganize your eating habits and make the right food choices

• Creating long-lasting and maintainable results

• Creating a more positive and healthier self-image

Measurable results



You will notice results just after a few sessions both via measurements and bio-impedancemetry readings taken on our body composition analyzers.

Usually, every target set by your plastitherapist at the beginning of the treatments is obtained as long as you keep following the program and the required steps.

Follow a healthy lifestyle combining a balanced diet and physical activity, you’ll easily get long-term and lasting results.

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